One of the unique features of FLOW-3Dr is the FAVORTM advantage used to accurately represent complex geometry in a rectangular Cartesian mesh.
The tedious work of generating a mesh for complex geometry is avoided. Due to this advantage, FLOW-3Dr can be used to simulate °ow in complex mi-crochannels accurately and e±ciently. Figure 1 shows a novel design of a microchannel with obliquely ori-ented or staggered herringbone ridges on its bottom wall to generate chaotic mixing of °uids (Stroock et al., Science, 295, 647-651, 2002). Fluid °ow and mix-ing through this device can be easily simulated with complicated geometry resolved using FAVOR TM. Fig-ure 2 displays the secondary °ow in two typical cross sections along the channel axis of this device. The predicted °ow ¯elds matches the experimental obser-vations of Stroock et al. very well.



Applications of FLOW-3Dr to MEMS (Multiphysics Capabilities)