Dams & spillways Long history of success

  • Government regulators
  • Hydro-power utilities
  • Engineering consultants
  • Hydraulics laboratories
  • CFD consultants
  • Academia

Dams & spillways

•Wide range of applications

•Wide range of flow conditions:
–Open channel
–Pressurized –Mixed

•Wide range of models
FLOW-3D HYDRO is a solution that is:

  • Versatile
  • Robust
  • Accurate

Spillway rating curve
Draft tube exit hydraulics
Flow distribution at turbine entrance
Head loss & energy dissipation
Forces on dams
Aerated flows
Spillway approach conditions
Jet deflection on upper spillway
Spillway water profile
Fish passage hydraulics
Forces on Spillways
Sediment & Scour

Limitless dam, spillway & stilling basin configurations

–Weirs & hydraulic controls
–Morning glory
–Piano Key weir
–Arced weirs

FLOW-3D HYDRO에는 수십 가지 예가 사전 탑재되어 있어 응용 프로그램 모델링을 시작할 수 있는 좋은 출발점을 제공합니다.

Ray-tracing an upcoming post-processing feature


기하학적 또는 흐름 구성에 대한 제한 없음: FLOW-3D HYDO는 속도, 공기 흡입 및 난류장과 같은 중요한 흐름 특성을 매우 정확하게 표현합니다.

  • Natural fishways
  • Pool & weir
  • Pool & orifice
  • Larinier
  • Ice-harbor
  • Natural
  • Baffle
  • Vertical slot
  • Denil •…
  • Simulation outputs
  • Detail of velocity field
  • Water elevation profiles

Spatial mapping of turbulence intensity

Determination of flow conditions: